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is v4 more stable than v3 at this current time

Posted: 29 Apr 2019, 13:17
by chrcoluk
So these are the current issues I have with v3, given the dev focus is on v4, I am curious how many of these are resolved in v4 and which is the more stable.

1 - Scan speeds are slow on v3, it seems to struggle with large and/or large numbers of files, if there is large files and many of them, it really struggles e.g. a heavily modded dragon age origins and the the steam screenshots.
2 - md5 checksum scan speeds, for whatever reason game save manager is about 1/20th of the speed of other tools to check md5 checksums, and when there is just a few small saves it doesnt matter, but steam screenshots and again DA origins, big big problem, DA origins takes 19 hours to backup on my 4.8 ghz 8600k macine. Its only 3 gig of data.
3 - All validation checks fail, I manually checked the files, they are fine, but whatever algorithm is been used by game save manager determines they are corrupt when they not.

Given the issues I have am I better trying out v4 at this point? Or are they still an issue with the new version?

Re: is v4 more stable than v3 at this current time

Posted: 29 Apr 2019, 13:42
by chrcoluk
Well i took the plunge.

v4 is way way better.

Scan is almost instant.

Full backup including DA origins and screenshots 9 mins, this is a huge improvement.

There is less stuff to tweak in the settings, but is enough for it to function.

The validation fail bug still exists tho,. but otherwise a vast improvement, I would consider making this the stable build, if people arent reporting serious issues with it as it feels way more stable than v3.

Re: is v4 more stable than v3 at this current time

Posted: 29 Apr 2019, 15:06
by chrcoluk
ahaa I see now scheduled tasks seems to not be implemented :(

shame as its for sure miles better than v3 on manual backups. v3 I can make a lot faster than it is by disabling the check for changes option which I didnt realise, but with that option on v4 is still faster than v3 without the option, the performance improvement is astounding.

I am sorry to ask tho but is development still happening or is it abandoned as the latest build seems from 2017? Do you perhaps need donations or something to pay for the time needed?

Re: is v4 more stable than v3 at this current time

Posted: 04 May 2019, 04:13
by tgp1994
I was just checking back in to see how progress is going, I'm glad to hear that v4 is looking good. I just recently started to give Linux a serious try, and I realized how much I missed having GSM for linking game saves. It's pretty annoying how developers still don't widely use Steam Cloud.

Re: is v4 more stable than v3 at this current time

Posted: 11 May 2019, 16:56
by InsaneMatt
Generally speaking, the v4.x branch should backup and restore your data just fine.
It hasn't had many issues reported, though I'd assume that is due to a very small user pool for it (most preferring the v3.x branch).

There's many unfinished features in the v4.x branch (such as Scheduled Tasks as previously mentioned).
While it should make backups of your data just fine, it's not entirely tested. Theoretically, it's backups should be supported by future v4.x builds but I cannot guarantee this.
Once more, the v4.x branch does not get often Database Updates (known as Definition Updates in v4.x). So expect having to setup Custom Gamesave Entry records often for yourself.

With regards to it's development, yes it's still being worked on.
Development isn't as active as it once was (mostly due to my hatred of--and lack of ability to--UI design but it's slowly getting there.