Separate folders for entries

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Separate folders for entries

Post by GalakFyarr »


I feel like I'm taking crazy pills as I swear it used to work like this, but now I can't for the life of me figure out how to recreate this behaviour:

What I want GSM to do (and I'm pretty sure I could do before?) through a scheduled task running every 4 hours
- Backup ALL detected saves
- Using my cloud location
- Organise them into SUB FOLDERS
- Only create a new file if changes are detected (and obviously add a timestamp)

But now, apparently I can not get it to make subfolders. All savegames are just dumped in one folder, with a timestamp.

If this is not intended behaviour, why not? Why does the subfolder option become greyed out when using the option to only create a new file if changes are detected?

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Re: Separate folders for entries

Post by InsaneMatt »

Try the following:
  1. During the Scheduled Task Wizard, make sure the "Backup all detected saves" option is checked (within Step #2)
    Optionally, you can choose whether to rescan your system and set entries to always ignore for this task via the checkboxes that are now visible
  2. On the last step of the same Wizard, tick the following options:
    • Use my 'Cloud' settings
    • Create a separate archive for each entry being backed up
      (with "Create new archive upon file change (affects performance)" selected)
    • Organise each entry's backup archives into sub folders
      (you'll need to have "Consolidate archives when backup count reaches..." option to 2 or more for this option to become enabled)

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