recovering Save Games from another drive

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recovering Save Games from another drive

Post by majotTom »

Hi, I built a new Computer, and installed my old C:// Drive and some other data drive into it.
They have now different Letters because I used a new drive as System drive.
Can I use this Tool to recover my old savegames from the still existing Folder structure ?
It does not automatically detect the saves on the old drives.
For this I would simply have to change the paths where GameSave Manager is Searching right?
But I dindn't find any settings for this in GS M.
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Re: recovering Save Games from another drive

Post by InsaneMatt »

You can customise the paths that GameSave Manager searches via the 'Modify Variables' option of the Main Menu.
For most games, this will work just fine.

Unfortunately some games store data in the registry.
These titles cannot be searched for if you're not running GameSave Manager from the Windows installation that you played / installed them on.
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