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Unable to Restore/Recover My Data

Posted: 25 Jun 2018, 10:16
by alihamzashahid
I'm unable to restore my Progress.Yesterday,I did backup My Game's Progress.There was no Error Occurred but Today,I needed to restore all my progress.So,I restored the Data without Any Errors and received the Message of Successful Operation.I closed the application & Opened My Game but progress wasn't restored.

I'm using the latest Version of the App.(I did Backup & Restore the Data using same version)

I tried using WinRar & After Extraction too.

There was no Error occurred during the Procedure.

I saved the Date of Following Games :

Assassin's Creed Origins

Grand Theft Auto V

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Regards :

Ali Hamza Shahid

Re: Unable to Restore/Recover My Data

Posted: 25 Jun 2018, 12:49
by InsaneMatt
There's a couple of things you can try:
  • Disable cloud syncing - The Assassin's Creed franchise uses Uplay's Cloud Sync, this should be disabled in order to use an older save when restoring.
    Much in the same way Rise of the Tomb Raider uses Steam Cloud.
  • Temporarily disconnect from the internet - Disabling your 'adapter' through Device Manager or Network and Sharing Centre would do.
    This will prevent any Cloud Sync from overwriting your saves, useful for testing.
  • Manually restore the data - You can open your GameSave Backup Archive(s) (.gsba) within your favourite archiving tool and manually extract the data