Steam Spreader doesn't remember what was moved

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Steam Spreader doesn't remember what was moved

Post by ztbishop »

Hi - first time trying this app. Just downloaded the latest version and moved a few games to an SSD. One from the default 'move steam game' list, and another where I manually navigated to Ubisoft games.
I did the ubisoft game first, and it kept a little list where I can restore it later. I then did the steam game, which did not show up in a list anywhere to restore.
So I closed the app and re-opened it.
Now, neither games show up in a list to restore to the original drive.
Am I missing something?
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Re: Steam Spreader doesn't remember what was moved

Post by InsaneMatt »

Steam Spreader recalls moved (processed) directories through the steam_spreader.xml file (located in either '..\AppData\Roaming\GameSave Manager 3' or the 'settings' sub-folder).
If you've somehow cleared this file, you'll need to re-populate it manually as follows:

Code: Select all

  <entry Type="Symbolic">
    <folder>C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\My Game Folder</folder>
    <destination>Z:\Moved Games\My Game Folder</destination>
  <entry Type="Symbolic">
    <folder>D:\My Installed Games\Another Game Folder</folder>
    <destination>Z:\Moved Games\Another Game Folder</destination>
Each directory you moved should be specified via it's own entry section.
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