unable to find Onedrive?

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unable to find Onedrive?

Post by tengokei »

just installed this for the first time and already having an issue finding OneDrive on my PC. Has anyone else come across this and found any way to fix this? I have also tried installing the Windows store app for OneDrive just to see if that would help but still getting the same issue. I am now having to manually point it to the local copy of my OneDrive folders so it will sync in the cloud but that is annoying to do every time. Also on a side note while I have someone's attention, does anyone know how to convert the Razer cortex saves to use with GameSave? Anything on that would be greatly appreciated as well. Thank you for your time
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Re: unable to find Onedrive?

Post by InsaneMatt »

This is a known issue, which hasn't been addressed due to development focus being put onto the much long awaited v4.x branch.
You can configure a "Default Backup Directory" through Program Settings and specify your OneDrive directory. By default, OneDrive's sync folder is in C:\Users\username\OneDrive".

While I did initially provide some feedback for it, I've never actually used Razer's answer to this project. I'm afraid you're on your own there.
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