Question regarding saving into External HDD

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Question regarding saving into External HDD

Post by unsureofhowbiguare »

Sorry if it's a really dumb question, but if I schedule a daily backup of my game's save files to an External HDD, but that HDD happens to not be plugged into my notebook at the time scheduled, will it delay/wait to backup until I plug that HDD?

If yes, what a relief.
If not, is there how I can make this happen?
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Re: Question regarding saving into External HDD

Post by InsaneMatt »

I'm afraid GameSave Manager cannot detect when a USB device is plugged in.
Instead, your backup will be attempted at your scheduled time and fail.

GameSave Manager itself cannot help you much here without third party help.
Potentially, you could have another tool execute at your scheduled time. This tool could be USB device sensitive, either waiting for your drive to be connected or executing GameSave Manager (with commandlines).
For example:

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gs_mngr_3.exe "/task TaskIdHere" /gui
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