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Very lightweight and UI/UX Help

Posted: 24 Jan 2021, 18:37
by Richenberg
I have a suggestion, in GSM4 you can make a very light version, that runs on the system tray, in this version you only have the option to backup the saves to another folder (in this case I would just select a folder inside the google drive).

and when I playing a game and if GSM detects that I had to change the save, it backs up in X minutes and gives me a notification that the backup was made.

And I'm an UI / UX designer and would be happy to help in this part if you are interested you can call me on discord richenberg # 0139


Re: Very lightweight and UI/UX Help

Posted: 25 Jan 2021, 15:04
by InsaneMatt
You've actually described how Gameplay Backup will function in the 4x branch.
Far away from this, however. The current Alpha released on Discord hasn't yet got restoration, which is the main focus right now.