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Database updates suspended

Posted: 25 Jan 2018, 18:53
by Keith Weisshar
Why are Database Updates in Game Save Manager temporarily suspended, and when will this feature be restored?

Re: Database updates suspended

Posted: 25 Jan 2018, 21:55
by InsaneMatt
The website was responsible for storing, receiving, transmitting and generating the Database Updates.
As I've took the website offline, this functionality has obviously gone with it.

To get Database Updates up and running again, I need to do the following:
  • Get the website responding to client update queries again (i.e 'Check for Updates')
  • Reinstate / redesign the Submission routines
  • Reinstate / redesign the routines for storing and generating Database Updates
  • Get the website to allow the download of Database Updates via a static link
While I could probably get the above done in a day or two if I rushed, I'm trying to make everything as clean as possible. The idea is to plug any potential security holes, as well as allow the project to recover quicker should this sort of thing happen again (which I'm hoping it wont).

So in short, probably a week or two. Possibly sooner, if I can find some time to dedicate to this over the weekend.