Sync & Link not seeing all games that Backup does

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Sync & Link not seeing all games that Backup does

Post by daft_inquisitor »

Not sure if this is intended, or a known issue, or what. Went through recently to try and make sure all of my games were being backed up properly, when I noticed that I have a *significant* number of games that are being missed with Sync & Link. When I go in to do a standard Backup, it lists 320 items. Doing Sync & Link only catches 278. I've tried running a rescan both from the Backup and from the Sync & Link screen, and either way, the results are still the same. Hoping someone can help me "fix" what seems to be a potential issue.

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Re: Sync & Link not seeing all games that Backup does

Post by InsaneMatt »

Sync & Link works by processing directories as a whole.
This limitation means that if an entry (both Custom or 'Official') don't use *.* for it's inclusion rulesets (and have no exclusion rulesets), Sync & Link will not list it.

You can, however, overwrite this behaviour within Program Settings.
Be warned that doing this will result in unwanted files being processed by Sync & Link (such as the game's installation itself for older games that store saves in their root directory).

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