Synchronisation & Minecraft Windows 10 don't work

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Synchronisation & Minecraft Windows 10 don't work

Post by Anto0085 »

First I will Thanks Gamesave manager to exist, my 2 sons love changing computer without lost their progressions. Synchronisation is a very good feature. ;)

BUT if I open a new topic, it's because this synchronisation avoid Minecraft windows 10 to start. When I synchronize Save of my minecraft, this one won't to start, only the red screen MOJANG, then back to windows.

So I broke the link in gamesave manager and "oh miracle" Minecraft start normaly.

I try this on my two computer, windows 10 pro and windows 10 family, it's the same result.

I hope it's only a bug and someone have a solution for this :)

Thank you.

Sorry for my english, I am French I have an excuse. French do not make too much effort :lol:
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Re: Synchronisation & Minecraft Windows 10 don't work

Post by InsaneMatt »

I'm not sure what we can do on our side, it sounds like Minecraft for Windows 10 is symbolic-link aware. If this is the case, there's no actual workaround given the game itself is (for whatever reason) actively looking for them.

Closest to a 'workaround' I could suggest is to perform a backup before / after every gaming session of this game (creating 'gsba' files).
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