How to access the game save?

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How to access the game save?

Post by zukatsuki »

Okay, so just to preface this I want to say that I'm generally not great with technology and don't know much about it, so please forgive my ignorance 😅 Oh and also apologies if I posted in the wrong place!

I downloaded GameSave Manager because I can no longer access Steam on my old Windows 7 laptop for some reason, and the game I want to play (Dragon Age: Origins) isn't backed up by the Steam Cloud.

I backed it up on my old device, moved that file to an external hard drive, then restored it through the archive. It said it restored without any error, but when I open the game, my save file isn't there.

Is there a step I'm missing? Should I uninstall/reinstall the game? Is it maybe because I'm using my hard drive for everything on my newer device rather than the laptop itself?

Thank you!

EDIT: Okay, so I ran the "validate archive" and it came up with three errors. I tried restoring the game itself and now it says there's no disk space. Am I right in thinking I can't restore it on an external hard drive maybe? That's where Steam and the game is - there's no space for it in my laptop unfortunately.
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Re: How to access the game save?

Post by InsaneMatt »

Your backups should be 'readable' on external drives, even USB Flash Drives.
What issues are flagged during the validation check? You can manually extract the data out of the drive via your favourite archiving tool (7zip,WinRAR,WinZip,etc).
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