Restore after wipe and reinstall?

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Restore after wipe and reinstall?

Post by SpicySalad »

To preface, I have a sluggish laptop I want to reset and wipe in hopes of clearing up some unrelated errors, and I want to look into using GameSaveManager (GSM) in this process. If I copy the backed-up saves into a USB drive, would GSM be able to restore them after I reinstall the appropriate games? (and GSM itself of course.) Sorry if this is a dumb question, I just want to make sure I understand GSM's capabilities before I charge ahead and risk my saves.
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Re: Restore after wipe and reinstall?

Post by InsaneMatt »

You've just described the very usage case that GameSave Manager was created for.
Simply backup your save data into "gsba" files (GameSave Backup Archive) and open them in GameSave Manager once you're ready to restore. GameSave Manager will detect the restoration paths for you!
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