Can you merge screenshots from multiple backups?

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Cyber Akuma
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Can you merge screenshots from multiple backups?

Post by Cyber Akuma »

I have had to switch from system to system in the last two years, so my screenshots and saves are scattered all across different computers. Managing to merge all of my screenshots back to one system should not be an issue thanks to cloud saves and being able to manually restore saves on a per-game basis with GameSaveManager, but what about my screenshots?

I don't mean uploading them all to Steam's cloud storage either, but having them all merged locally.

I know that GameSaveManager can back up your screenshots too, but what happens if you restore a backup to a system that already has different screenshots? Will it just add the screenshots that aren't there, or would that wipe out all my current screenshots with the backup I am restoring? I have no idea if Steam has some sort of metadata file that tells it where all the screenshots are that GameSaveManager would overwrite, or if it would just add the screenshots that aren't there without conflicting with existing ones and wiping their metadata telling Steam that they are there.

There might be one or two games that I took screenshots of from different computers, but for 99% of these the screenshots I only ever played that game on that computer so there would not even be any screenshots at all on other systems for those games.
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Re: Can you merge screenshots from multiple backups?

Post by InsaneMatt »

If the filenames used for the screenshots include a timestamp of some kind, it's very likely that everything would be restored just fine.
However, if filenames are simply the executable name and a number (e.g 'tf2.exe (2).png', 'tf2.exe (3).png', etc) then you'll end up overwriting some files.

At the very worst, you could open your backups (gsba files) in your archiving tool of choice (7zip, WinRAR, WinZip, etc) and extract them manually. It'll be tedious to achieve (assuming filenames aren't timestamped), but you could manually rename files before moving them into the correct directory.
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