Backing up and Restoring from the commandline

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Backing up and Restoring from the commandline

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First I want to thank you for creating this nifty tool :)

I sometimes game on one pc and other times and another from a portable HDD.

What I'd like to do is to backup all savegames before I move from one PC to another to the portable HDD, and restore them all on the other PC. And do the reverse when I leave that other PC to restore them when using the other one.

I don't want to install any scheduled tasks on the other PC.

I saw the /restore command-line option but wasn't able to figure out the exact details, also with backing up.

Is this possible and, if yes, how would I go about that?

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Re: Backing up and Restoring from the commandline

Post by InsaneMatt »

I'm afraid that what you're asking for isn't possible in the v3.x branch... Kinda?

You can configure GameSave Manager to perform a backup as--and when--you want.
This can be achieved via the Scheduled Tasks feature. At the end of the wizard, you can opt out of adding the task to the Windows Task Scheduler database and create a desktop shortcut to perform the backup.

With regards to automated restoration, it's not yet possible I'm afraid.
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