Chocolatey Embedded Package

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Chocolatey Embedded Package

Post by sippi »

Hi there,
I'm the maintainer of the chocolatey package of gamesavemanager.
Chocolatey is basically apt-get but for windows.
Since I've trouble downloading the installer automated via Script. (wrong checksums)
I just wanted to ask for your permission to create an embedded package.
I will not alter anything, just re-package the original
This will also decrease the load of the website.
So may I have your permission to do this?

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Re: Chocolatey Embedded Package

Post by InsaneMatt »

You're free to distribute GameSave Manager via third party means provided you make it clear you're "mirroring" the download, as well as not putting the download behind a "paywall".
The GameSave Manager files should be provided as-is (i.e how they were downloaded from here). You're free to include your own files, however (such as a readme). Preferably the GameSave Manager files should be separated from any of your own files via a nested folder or archive.

With regards to your issues downloading, if you hit me up on Discord (Discord Invite) sometime we can try and find a solution for that.
Either way, consider this permission to distribute GameSave Manager as stated above.
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