[Help] Problem detecting games after scheduling backups

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[Help] Problem detecting games after scheduling backups

Post by AuGui »

Hello, so...
I installed the gamesave manager and scanned the games, everything was scanned normally and detected, I even did the manual backup of the games. However after creating a task by "scheduling backups" it was not being automatic, I removed the task, and now the games that I had chosen for scheduling, are not showing up anymore.

And I noticed that after backing up RDR2, I can't change the video settings, every time I restart the game, they reset.

Red Dead Redemption 2
Horizon Zero Dawn
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Re: [Help] Problem detecting games after scheduling backups

Post by InsaneMatt »

You're likely using a previous 'scan result' listing, performing a full rescan should address this.
With regards to your Red Dead Redemption 2's video settings not being changed, this is not caused by GameSave Manager. Outside of restoration tasks, GameSave Manager only reads data and never writes to your files.
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