Problems detecting some "supported" games

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Problems detecting some "supported" games

Post by nibbleman »


I have some (steam) games in my library that GameSave Manager refuses to detect when scanning my PC but according to this page the games are supported: (I'm using the latest version of GSM)

Boson X
Legend of the Skyfish
Pink Heaven
The Lion's Song
Tropico 3

Any clue?
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Re: Problems detecting some "supported" games

Post by Melp »

Having this problem too with Star wars episode 1 racer from gog
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Re: Problems detecting some "supported" games

Post by InsaneMatt »

You could have a version of the game which is using a different save location.
Common examples of this are store-specific locations (for example, Steam releases may opt to use Steam Cloud while the GoG release of the same game may opt to use an AppData\Roaming location).
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