HUGE fan of the Portable App Version! (broken link)

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HUGE fan of the Portable App Version! (broken link)

Post by Kudjo »

I have been using portable apps and the portableapp launcher for years and have been a HUGE fan of them.

I went to download the latest portable version of GSM using this link: and it's throwing a 404. Probably from the server reset.

Pretty please, will you let me know the correct link for "GameSave Manager Portable 3.1.455.0 Development Test 1"?

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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Re: HUGE fan of the Portable App Version! (broken link)

Post by InsaneMatt »

Sorry about that.
I've re-uploaded the 'GameSaveManagerPortable_3.1.455.0_Dev_Test_1.paf.exe' file to the server.
You can find the download by using this link, or download directly using the link you posted.

NOTE: While the PortableApps release is hosted on the project's server, we do not directly maintain it.
All support requests for the PortableApps release should be discussed in it's thread over at PortableApps.
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