Is there any way to undo sync & link?

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Is there any way to undo sync & link?

Post by Flipback012 »

So I synced all of my games to a nas on my lan and there were a couple of games that I later on wanted to be on my computer for offline use. I attempted to use the unlink feature by selecting the game and then selecting the directory where the link leads. After it searches it just pops up with a box that says "no game saves have been specified to be included in the task. I know that I selected both the game and the folder properly so what is happening here?
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Re: Is there any way to undo sync & link?

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To confirm, you are selecting the directory you moved your saves to. Correct?
For example, if you moved your saves to '\\storageserv\GameSave Manager; Sync & Link' you'd be selecting this path and not their original locations or the nested folder containing the moved data.
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