Database Updating - Depricate The "Minecraft (Full)" Entry

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Database Updating - Depricate The "Minecraft (Full)" Entry

Post by daft_inquisitor »

This is something I had mentioned on the forums in passing before, but think it might have been overlooked. I suggest the "Minecraft (Full)" database entry is removed from here on out. This option ALWAYS seems to take a very long time to process when scanning for games (every single one of my computers I use it on locks up GSM for *several* minutes while it attempts to process that entry), and I have a mid/high end computer to boot, so it's not just slow performance in general causing the issue.

Especially now, since the addition of other Minecraft entries (separate save entries for worlds, textures, etc), there's really little to no need to save the whole of the folder. And of course, for the very few people that would be affected by the change (maybe some one-off mods that sit in an odd directory not covered by GSM), they can always make a manual entry, that's kind of what it's there for. But I think the change of removing Full from the default list will be more beneficial to more users, if they're experiencing the same lockup/slowdown I am.

EDIT: I think the size of the folder itself might be causing issues. In my particular case, running GSM caused it to lock up entirely when getting to the Minecraft (full) entry, for several tries, and this happens often. This particular time, I noticed my Minecraft folder was about 400MB (not terribly uncommon if you have a few mods and texture packs installed). After I deleted some duplicate files, I got it down to 300MB, and it was able to run correctly. However, like I said, I feel I'm likely not the only one having this problem, as this game is prone to a very large main folder size.

EDIT2: Nevermind, even after deleting 100MB of files, it still froze GSM when trying to scan the directory, it just made it farther before doing it this time. :( And I can't just "ignore" the entry, because this is on a new install and I'm unable to get a full scan to finish (required for ignoring entries).
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Re: Database Updating - Depricate The "Minecraft (Full)" Entry

Post by InsaneMatt »

The file-size itself isn't the cause of the crash, but the file count.
The v4.x branch seems to be fine with it during my tests, but the v3.x branch just freaks out.

With regards to your suggestion of removing it from the database, I'm a little reluctant to do so but if more people come out requesting this too, I will reconsider it.
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Re: Database Updating - Depricate The "Minecraft (Full)" Entry

Post by vlf4230 »

Skipping the Minecraft files would be awesome. Doing searches online I found where others had to rename their minecraft folders the first time they ran Gamesave Manager. It was definitely the file count that brought everything to a crawl.

I want to add that the MOD folder for Sins of a Solar Empire also caused a hang. The Mod folder had over a 11,000 files. It did make it through after a few minutes.
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