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Save name filtering

Posted: 26 Mar 2021, 16:22
by xenonisbad
It would be great if we could filter names of the files we want or don't want to to back up. Currently GameSave Manager is copying whole directories, which in era of storing autosaves could be really problematic. For example, only one save profile of Anno 1800 currently takes 5,30 GB, and out of 700 saves in that profile, 650 are autosaves. Storing all of those autosaves on disk is one thing, but storing backup of all of them is another another story.

If we could somehow filter what files should or should not be backed up, it would completely save the problem. In this case, if I could ignore all files named "Autosave <number>.a7s", then backup of that profile (without compression) would require only 411 MB, not 5,30 GB.

Re: Save name filtering

Posted: 17 May 2021, 11:19
by InsaneMatt
In the 3x branch, adding the ability to select specific file(s) to backup would be very time consuming. Not only that, but scanning would be even slower (which already can already feel like an eternity).

As a fellow Anno addict myself, I certainly know that 'autosave' issue. The only realistic way to address this right now is through a 'Custom GameSave Entry'. Creating one with the same name as the record giving you grief will allow you to customise it accordingly (allowing you to exclude any file matching autosave*.a7s for example).