Any way for GSM to detect CODEX games?

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Any way for GSM to detect CODEX games?

Post by yolomon9994 »

I'm a pretty new user of GameSave Manager and was wondering if there was any way for the app to detect CODEX games. It was able to detect other pirated games pretty easily but can't detect other games. The STEAM CODEX folder is pretty deep in the file system so I was wanted to know if there any way to apply a custom path for scanning other than the custom game save option.
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Re: Any way for GSM to detect CODEX games?

Post by InsaneMatt »

This project does not endorse, nor officially support, pirated / scene releases of games.
If such a release happens to share the save path with a legally obtained version of the game, that's fine. But we avoid adding scene-specific save locations to the database.

With that said, there is nothing stopping you from adding your own Custom GameSave Entry for save detection.
You can also change where GameSave Manager looks for the various variables it uses via the Modify Variables option from the Main Menu.
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